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Woven Tray

R 305.00

Ashanti's beautiful round woven trays come with cut-out handles that make them easy to grip and carry for serving. They are just as practical as a focal feature in an entrance hall, where they might catch anything from keys to dog leads to snail mail. The trays nest into each other, so it might not be a bad idea to invest in more than one.

Woven Tray Basket, Size 40
Dimensions: 40cm (d) x 8cm (h)
Weight: 1kg

Woven Tray Basket, Size 45
Dimensions: 45cm (d) x 8cm (h)
Weight: 1,4kg

Woven Tray Basket, Size 50
Dimensions: 50cm (d) x 10cm (h)
Weight: 2kg

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