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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily Superhero Mannequin

R 350.00

The awesome Superhero Mannequin by Tiger Lily is perfect for any boy's room, be it baby, teen or daddy! This hand painted mannequin makes an amazing decor accessory and will take pride of place on any bookshelf or desk. Its movable arms, legs, neck and waist make it possible to create a variety of poses. Let your mannequin be an expression of your creativity! The Superhero Mannequin comes with a removable black cape and has a black mask painted on his face and lightening bolt painted on his chest. The creators at Tiger Lily carefully selected various monochromatic fabrics and components that complement adult decor throughout the home. Each product is individually crafted and careful quality controls ensure consistent quality.


  • Hand painted in SA
  • Movable parts
  • Removable black cape


  • Height: 30cm


  • Wood
  • Fabric cape


  • Fabric components can be rinsed
  • Wood mannequin can be wiped down with a damp cloth


  • All products are handmade and beaded and as a result there may be variances in the customisation
  • Additional decor in image not included

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