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Olive Hamper with Treats

Tapenade Olive Shop

Olive Hamper with Treats

R 550.00

Included in the gift:

  1. Kloovenburg Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml - Cold Extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil has all the positive attributes of extra virgin olive oil - fruitiness, pungency and bitterness. A completely natural oil - handpicked, pressed and bottled on the Kloovenburg Estate. High in natural anti -oxidants and cholesterol and sodium free.
  2. Kloovenburg Balsamic Vinegar 250ml - This certified balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy is bottled on the Riebeeck Kasteel farm. It is wonderful over salads, as a dip with extra virgin olive oil, as marinade for meat or drizzled over fresh fruit, such as strawberries.
  3. Darling Olives Olive Rub can be used as a dry rub to infuse meat with flavour, as a sprinkle over salad, or as a tasty replacement for salt and pepper at the dining table. Available in: Herbs & Black Pepper, and Rosemary & Garlic.
  4. Rbk Olive Boutique Green Olive Mustard 125ml - The Riebeek Kasteel Olive Boutique makes a green olive paste combined with a wholegrain mustard. The green olive tempers the rustic mustard flavour of this favourite condiment for cold meats and cheeses. It contains green olive, wholegrain mustard and olive oil.
  5. Kloovenburg Olive & Fig Jam 160g - Serving Suggestions: Taste sensation with cheese, eg Gorgonzola, mature Cheddar or Brie. Ingredients: Olives, Sugar, Figs, Vinegar, Brine, Ginger & Lemon Juice.
  6. Honest Chocolate produces a range of ethically and responsibly Bean to Bar slabs made from minimal simple ingredients. Their slabs are created from organic Tanzanian cacao in small batches at their production kitchen in Woodstock, Cape Town. They are tempered, moulded, and wrapped by hand. Included in this gift box is their 80% dark chocolate.
  7. French style honey nougat, studded with creamy, roasted Almonds & laced with the gentle flavours of white chocolate, olive oil & delicate vanilla seeds – 100g. Made by Ma Mere, a South African based confectionery company known for their high quality sweets.



This gift will be packed in a craft box, lined with tissue paper and a gift tag (with a personalised message) will be attached with ribbon.

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