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Jan Braai Junior (English)

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Jan Braai Junior (English)

R 260.00
Jan Braai Junior  is a book for the next generation of braaiers in South Africa. Filled with a collection of Jan Braai’s very best braai recipes, simplified with easy-to-follow, step-bystep guidance, Jan Braai Junior can be enjoyed by kids and the whole family.
Jan Braai is the most interviewed person in the world on the topic of braai, and therefore a good judge of what people want to know about braaing. As a television presenter and head of the National Braai Day initiative, he has travelled extensively in southern Africa and the world, braaied often and with diverse people, in various beautiful places, using different techniques.
This user-friendly book covers all the fundamental braai knowledge every South African should have, using basic equipment and budget-conscious ingredients. And, with Jan Braai’s tips and advice, Jan Braai Junior will set you on your way to braaing like a champion for the rest of your life!

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