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Waterleliefontein Hamper

Tapenade Olive Shop

Waterleliefontein Hamper

R 615.00

Included in the gift:

  1. A Cooler Bag made locally in South Africa from recycled plastic bottles and fully lined with 105gsm foil laminated non-woven PP. They are 345mm x 400mm x 210mm - 30 Litres and can hold about 30kgs!
  2. Waterleliefontein Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1l - All the olives used to make the Waterleliefontein Extra Virgin Olive Oil are grown on their farm. The region between the Bot River and the Houw Hoek Mountains has its own unique terroir (a term borrowed from the French winemakers), the local soil and weather conditions impart specific characteristics on the flavour of the oil. The distinctive blend is made from the five cultivars grown at Waterliliefontein – Mission, Manzanilla, Nochelara, Ogliarola and Kalamata. The olives are carefully hand-picked and taken to a nearby olive mill to be extracted. The oil is then allowed to settle in air-tight stainless steel tanks and finally, it is bottled and delivered. The final product is a smooth, golden oil, with hints of freshly cut grass and a tantalizing peppery finish.
  3. Honest Chocolate produces a range of ethically and responsibly Bean to Bar slabs made from minimal simple ingredients. Their slabs are created from organic Tanzanian cacao in small batches at their production kitchen in Woodstock, Cape Town. They are tempered, moulded, and wrapped by hand. Included in this gift box is their Naartjie flavoured dark chocolate.
  4. French style honey nougat, studded with roasted almonds & tangy cranberries – 50g. Made by Ma Mere, a South African based confectionary company known for their high quality sweets.


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