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Land of Lark

Land of Lark Twineapple

R 240.00 R 380.00

Made by Land of Lark. Birch ply lacing and threading toy. Suitable for children aged 2 - 7 yrs. Includes lacing pineapple, twine and 10 large, natural wooden beads.

Children from the age of 2 can engage in various activities all with the same wooden tool.

1. Threading beads onto twine (2yr +) & counting/ adding/ subtracting beads (5yr +).

2. Lacing and weaving (3yr +)

3. Tying shoe laces (5yr +)

4. Letter and number formation ( 6yr +)

What Do We Learn When Lacing and Threading?

Fine motor skills - Develop a solid pincer grip, improve hand strength and fine tune finger movements by manipulating the string and threading it through the holes and beads.

Hand-eye -coordination - Simultaneously use hands and eyes to thread and lace. Link visual spatial perception and movement.

Spatial awareness  - By accurately aiming for the hole one is able to develop an understanding of body position in relation to the Twineapple through concepts such as direction, distance and location.

Bilateral coordination - Use both hands together for a common goal. This helps in crossing the midline as well as developing a dominant hand for the future.

Numeracy - Early maths skills are developed through counting the holes and beads as well as adding and subtracting beads.

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