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Tasha Swart

Tasha Swart Fynbos circle earrings

R 1,250.00

Sterling silver earrings from Tasha Swart. 

"Having lived in Cape Town, one cannot help to admire the beautiful landscapes that the mother city has on offer. The Fynbos range is inspired by one of the world’s six floral kingdoms, and these plants grow here indigenously in their splendour .

Whilst camping and on hikes, I would find inspiration from their colours, novel shapes and especially how delicate and yet tough these plants really are. Initially I experimented by casting them and creating small pieces of art directly from nature. This progressed into using them as design inspiration incorporating local and traditional mythology.

My hope is to make the wearer feel intimately connected to nature and that one can be both delicate and steadfast no matter what life hands you."


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