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Notebook Hamper

Tapenade Olive Shop

Notebook Hamper

R 325.00

Included in the gift:

  1. A notebook. Dot down your dreams on our 96-page A6 notebook
  2. A pair of socks. FEAT. sock co. is a funky, designer socks brand from Cape Town, South Africa.
  3. Honest Chocolate produces a range of ethically and responsibly Bean to Bar slabs made from minimal simple ingredients. Their slabs are created from organic Tanzanian cacao in small batches at their production kitchen in Woodstock, Cape Town. They are tempered, moulded, and wrapped by hand.
  4. French style, honey Nougat, studded with creamy roasted almonds - 50g. Made by Ma Mere, a South African based confectionery company known for their high quality sweets.

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