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Land of Lark

Land of Lark Toss to Teddy - Target practice hoop

R 670.00

Encourage your child's aiming skills with this bear shaped target hoop. Attach it to the wall for a permanent tossing position and easily remove from the brackets to allow for a hand held game.

Toss to teddy includes birch ply bear hoop, 3 white powder coated metal brackets and three 100% cotton bean bags.

Beautifully designed, and made to last with maximum educational impact in mind, our new Land of Lark wooden toy range will keep your little one entertained for hours. Made from sustainably-sourced wood coated in non-toxic waxes to preserve the natural feel and organic look of wood.

Our timeless toys encourage limitless imaginative and creative play whilst developing fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development and problem-solving skills.

What can I learn?

  • Hand-eye-co-ordination essential for early handwriting and reading skills.
  • Throwing skills including aim, underhand and overhand tossing, balance, stance and judging distance.
  • Improved manual dexterity and body awareness.
  • Increased fitness as you work arm and leg muscles.
  • Build relationships through play and quality time.
  • Practice builds self-esteem and confidence.
  • Learn to recognise shapes and colours.

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