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Land of Lark

Land of Lark Ndebele Play House (Birch-Ply Wood)

R 630.00

The play house pieces are inspired by the iconic, symmetrical, geometric and linear qualities of Ndebele architecture, unique to South Africa. The intricate walls, buildings and hand-painted facade patterns are undoubtedly, one of the most incredible examples of human creativity, artistic expression and the perfect inspiration for free-play.

Open-ended play harnesses and encourages imagination and creativity by giving your children the opportunity to build a village or house in a variety of different combinations. Unlike close-ended activities, there is no "right" way to play and build with the pieces. There are no instructions, rules or restrictions and children are able to engage and express themselves freely, using only their intuition and ingenuity as their guide. The Ndebele play houses create problem solvers and confident decision makers.

Includes 6 birch-ply pieces, ready for construction and play. Gently waxed to preserve the beauty and organic feel of wood. Non-toxic.

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