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Kleinbergskloof Preserved figs 500ml

Tapenade Olive Shop

Kleinbergskloof Preserved figs 500ml

R 130.00

Heerlijk’s Nastergal/Umsobo preserve is authentically crafted in small batches in the traditional way in KwaZulu-Natal from Solanum Retroflexum berries grown by Heerlijk from heirloom seed. Heerlijk’s preserve contains no colourants or artificial preservatives and is crafted according to a family recipe.

Each jar contains approximately 900 handpicked and sun-ripened berries.
As a preserve, it presents the ultimate treat. It is unique in taste and
colour. Traditionally enjoyed on bread, however, is versatile and can be enjoyed with cheese, scones, crumpets, waffles and croissants. It can also be served with greek yoghurt, cheesecake and as an ingredient in smoothies.

Nastergal berries and sugar (no preservatives) | 480g per jar

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