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Katmeleon Jewellery

Katmeleon Monstera 3 Stud Sterling Silver

R 720.00

This jewelry piece by Katmeleon Jewellery is inspired by the divine Monstera Deliciosa plant. Delicious Monster is derived from the botanical name Monstera Deliciosa. "Delicious" refers to the edible fruit it bears and Monstera means "monstrous" referring to the sheer size the plant can grow to. This range is for the adventurous type. Someone who is looking for that striking accessory.

This Delicious Monster range has 4 different leaf styles. It represents the difference in nature and how nothing is exactly the same. Thus giving the wearer a sense of uniqueness and diversity. 

The 3 hole Delicious Monster is 21mm (w) by 24mm (l). It has 3 little holes on the left side. It has it's own flow and movement. The pins and butterflies are Sterling Silver. Please note that each pair may differ slightly in shape and colour to the photograph.[/tab]

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