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HendrikWillem A-Semetrical Tiffany dress

R 1,480.00

Hendrik Willem's A-Symmetrical Tiffany Dress is a stunning fusion of contemporary design and classic charm. Crafted from premium cotton lycra fabric, this dress offers a luxurious feel while ensuring comfort and flexibility for all-day wear, going into evening wear.

The defining feature of this dress lies in its asymmetrical silhouette, which adds a modern twist to its timeless appeal. Draping gracefully along the body, the dress showcases a unique blend of sophistication and flair.

Adding to its allure, the dress is adorned with a crafted black and beige-edged trim, serving as a captivating accent that draws the eye and highlights the garment's exquisite craftsmanship. The dress can be worn on or off the shoulder. 

The dress features a fitted sleeve on the left and a caftan-style sleeve on the right.

The dress can be worn off or on the shoulder.

Size: Free

Material: 100% cotton Lycra

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