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Hamilton Russell Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hamilton Russell

Hamilton Russell Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

R 235.00
Hamilton Russell Vineyards Olive Oil is grown in the traditional way without irrigation and at very low yields, both in terms of kilograms per tree and oil yield per kilogram. Extreme care is taken to hand-pick the olives used for their oil at the stage of ripeness which results in a fresh, aromatic, full flavoured oil with a peppery finish. A high percentage of sandstone-derived soils emphasise this fresh lifted fruit and cut-grass character while delivering a lighter more elegant palate structure. The percentage of clay grown olives provides additional structure and density to the oil. This Extra Virgin, cold-pressed Olive Oil from early hand-harvested groves of Frantoio, South African Leccino, Mission and naturally seeded trees, is fresh, peppery and pungent.

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