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Found. Collection

Found Flamingo Bomber Jacket

R 1,850.00
These are stunning jackets!

FOUND. Collection and Rest.Established collaboration - our offering, a classic collector's piece. This exquisite picture of serene flamingoes was taken in Namibia by Bianca. It has been professionally printed onto cotton. 

Expertly made by Solomon.

Lined with olive or light grey cotton. 
PLEASE NOTE: EACH jacket will be different according to the pretty bird pattern.

Based on the classic bomber jacket design.
Love wearing them loose or super stylish zipped up.

Selection of beautiful linen with interesting blue and white lining. Finished with gunmetal details all round, including the bit of shimmer on the cuffs..

FLAMINGO - printed on cotton.

Lining - blue and white cotton knit fabric.

Generous sizing.
Size 8 = Small - accommodates 6-8
Size 10 = Medium - accommodates 8-10
Size 12 = Large - accommodates 12-14

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