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Being Bertus by Bertus Basson

Tapenade Olive Shop

Being Bertus by Bertus Basson

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In his second book, acclaimed South African chef Bertus Basson provides a deeper look into his restaurants and his food philosophy. Rooted in local food culture and the culinary experiences of his childhood, his menus are driven by fresh ingredients and seasonal produce.

In ‘Being Bertus Basson’, readers will feel the drive and energy of this whirlwind of a man, showcasing his originality of thought. The book offers inspiration to those who wonder just how Bertus and his remarkable wife have so successfully built a restaurant empire. It presents an inside look into these restaurants from the story of the beginnings and growth of the signature restaurant Overture to Bertus Basson at Spice Route, wildly popular with the tourist crowds, and Spek & Bone, the small-plate wine bar in Stellenbosch, through to his love affair with burgers and just how De Vrije Burger was conceptualised and brought to life.

The recipes will surprise you with their simplicity and quirkiness and show you just how to step beyond the usual and how to look at food in a whole new light.

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