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African Rub Hamper

Tapenade Olive Shop

African Rub Hamper

R 390.00

Included in the gift:

  1. Theuniskraal, from the Tulbach area, Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml
  2. African Rub from Funky Ouma – Cooking and Braai rub 195g
  3. Blooming Butter sunflower spread - Delicious sunflower seed butters made with simple ingredients in Cape Town
  4. Mamere’s fragrant Turkish Delight is made with organic Rooibos, grown in the Cederberg, giving it an authentic South African Flavour. They added a refreshing hint of orange compliments the Rooibos flavour perfectly. The packaging features and illustration by local South African artist Katrin Coetzee.
  5. French style, honey nougat laced with decadent, creamy chocolate – 50g made by Mamere Confectioners in Cape Town.

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