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Small Hamper with Olive Rub

Tapenade Olive Shop

Small Hamper with Olive Rub

R 225.00

This small entry level olive hamper is packed in an square gift box, lined with tissue paper and tied with beautiful ribbon.

It includes:

- Darling Olives Herbs & Black Pepper Rub is a olive rub made with coarse salt, dried olives, herbs and black pepper. It can be used as a dry rub to infuse meat with flavour, as a sprinkle over salad, or as a tasty replacement for salt and pepper at the dining table. 

Kloovenburg Smoked Olives have a slight smokey flavour. Eat it as snacks, on cheese/-meat platters, in salad, on pizza & in pasta, bolognaise, fresh baked bread, focaccia & filo tart, quiche, or with Dripping Oil, Balsamic Vinegar/Moskonfyt & Egyptian Dukkha as a hors-d'oeuvre. You can also use the brine when cooking meat dishes. Ingredients are Ripe Black Olives, Brine, Vinegar, Olive Oil, Herbs & Garlic.

Blackpearl Olives Tapenade is a full-flavoured, balanced black olive spread, made unhurriedly in Paarl with naturally cured, ripe, black olives. It contains no preservatives, colourants or thickeners.

- Kloovenburg Olive & Fig Jam is a sweet breakfast jam and a taste sensation with cheese, eg Gorgonzola, mature Cheddar or Brie. Ingredients are Olives, Sugar, Figs, Vinegar, Brine, Ginger & Lemon Juice.

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